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IELTS Training

IELTS is certifications which allows you to be eligible to apply for your dream destination of the country you wish to study to peruse your career, every county has a different requirement in terms of IELTS bands. Since it’s a test of your English Laguage skills you must know the basics such as grammer and fundamentals of the language, with our expertise in the field we would be able to help you in understanding the format of the test , as it has been observed that most of the students did not do well as they didn’t get to know the format very well, then comes the time management which is one of the most urgent aspect of the training, when you know how to utilize the time well, you are bond to achieve the target. Most important aspect of the success is understanding the scoring sheet of examiner.

We have special booster kits (study material) for all modules.

For speaking module we have dedicated booster kit by the name of STEP (Speaking technique enhancement programme)

GRAB- Graphs rapid Action Booster Kit

LEAD- Letters and Vocabulary Booster kit

All these booster kits help you gain knowledge in all modules and score the desire results.

Apart from the training it’s very important to gauge the performance on daily basis, at GSOI we gauge the performance on daily basis and check the performance in seven performance parameters which give a clear reflection on the ups and downs in the performance on daily basis and what are the grey areas. Not just that a student can also see the average bands for the week and month and also the weakest areas and how to improve them. These reports have been developed by the industry veterans. Booster kits too have been designed by the people who have the vast experience in training and development.