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Permanent Residency

GSOI has been assisting people to migrate to the best destinations of the world and settle there permanently, these countries are considered to the best in terms of living standards and earning the livelihood, few names are Australia, Canada and Denmark.

For  most of the counties it’s a points based system and based on your points you are eligible to be migrated to these countries on skilled worker categories, our team help you in assisting and guiding you right from the scratch and since migration process is a complicated one. There are hundreds of categories mentioned by the Government authorities for the skilled people who they wish to migrate to their country. You may post your CV to us and get free assessment done by our expert team, we can assure you the success in the minimum time frame.

Following is the mail id to get your evaluation done

gsoimohali@gmail.com , info@gsoi.in

Canada and Australia are the countries who migrate thousand of skilled people every year to their counties most of them are Asians , a very big chunk of people from Malaysia, China, Indonesia and India move to Canada.

When a person is permanent resident of a country he can also take his family members along with him and settle their for his rest of the life. You will also get benefits like “Social Security” and “medical benefits”.