"To Save The Girl Child"

Spoken English

Communication is the one of the basic needs of every human being, and Language proficiency in an internationally accepted language is a must in today’s fast moving world, since English is a language which is accepted globally and recognized everywhere your skills in spoken English makes a lot of difference when it comes to moving ahead in this competitive world. We have the expertise in minimizing the content of Spoken Eng and making it earlier and better for the students to learn and make it their way of life

Apart from the theoretical training we give to the students it is of utmost importance that practice is done on the regular basis, as its been said – practice makes the man perfect. In the curriculum we have the progress report which shows the daily progress of the students with the help of that we get to know which are the areas a student is lacking and how to improve the skills.

Right from sentence building to vocabulary to delivery we assist our students to get up to the ladder.

You may come and take an opportunity to see the curriculam and content of the course, we have flexible timmings for the working people and slots available for students too.