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Study In Ireland

Are you fascinated with Vikings, forts and vampires? Does U2 makes you rock each time you listen to it? Then you are the right person to head towards Ireland. Though Ireland is a small island in the European Union but the country offers maximum opportunities. The country excels almost in every field from literature to technology and music to environmental studies, Ireland is dream place for a student seeking quality education

Ireland has a very strong tradition with names like Oscar Wilde to James Joyce from John Bell (quantum of Physics) to Ernest Walton (Nobel laureate), the country welcomes student from all over the world with warmness.

Learning is fun if you choose Ireland as your class. The country doesn’t burden students with loads of assignment but believes in large lectures and smaller tutorials along with lab experience. Colleges and institutes in Ireland will let you explore your talent. The country has one of the best education systems in the Europe according to 2004 IMD world competitiveness reports and welcomes around 2, 00,000 students every year. Being in a foreign land you need not to get inhibited by anything as Ireland is the world’s friendliest country according to a voting done by Lonely Planet in 2008.

There are around 38 universities in Ireland including the most popular Trinity College, Dublin City University and many more. Ireland gives you a wide variety of education fields to choose from like Literature, Technology, Communications, Irish Studies, History and Environmental Studies. Students who seek admission in MBA need not to have work experience if Ireland is on your list.

The country boasts of producing 25% of Europe’s computer and also home headquarters of Technology giants like Dell, IBM, Motorola and Google. Also, Island of Ireland is the result of volcanic eruption that cooled down to form a land mass hence it’s a haven for those who wish to study environment and evolution.