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Study In UK

Apart from the exuberant lifestyle, there are many reasons why studying in the UK is considered as one of the top notch study destinations by many students. UK has earned itself the reputation of providing high and quality education. UK universities and colleges offer more than 1000 courses, besides great flexibility in the way in which a subject can be studied. One of the biggest advantages of studying in UK is the option of combining work placements with academic study, such as sandwich courses at the undergraduate level and work internships at the post graduate level.

If work is a component as part of the study program, then the students enjoy the benefit of cutting edge knowledge and expertise as well as hands on experience in their field of study, thereby strengthening chances of obtaining suitable employment later on. Besides this, students can choose from studying a full academic year to a semester or just a summer program, based on their criteria. The range of programs, whether contemporary or government does not fall short, whichever option you choose, both geographically or academically.

Studying is not just about courses and assignments. You learn a lot from your surroundings also. And UK is blessed with it – England, Scotland, Wales and the province of Northern Ireland. Each has its own distinctive history, landscape and modern culture. And, because they’re all within easy reach of one another, they’re easy to explore. Europe is also geographically very close.

All said and done, it comes down to money. Contrary to the usual belief, studying in the UK is quite inexpensive. Plus, students enjoy a lot of perks like completing a Master’s degree in 1 year, eligibility for a 2 years work permit (according to the New Point Based System) after you complete your course, provision of part-time work up-to 20 hours/week during studies and full time during vacation and free Health insurance for students studying in UK for 6 months or more.