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To enter a country for leisure, work or business, you require a visitor visa. Visitor Visa is an official document placed in your passports which conveys that you are eligible to enter the country you applied for. Visitor Visa is also known as Temporary Resident Visa which means that you stay in the country temporarily for work, business, leisure, travel or meet your family.


It’s important to apply for a Visitor Visa because without a visa you cannot enter the country. Generally, on a visitor visa you cannot stay in the country for a long time. You are allowed to stay for a short period of time or until your purpose has been solved.


A Visitor Visa can be applied by anyone. You can even apply for multiple visas if you are travelling with your family or friends. When you reach the port, the Border Services Officer will put up the date of entering and leaving on your passport.


GSOI makes your process of applying for a Visitor Visa easy and stress free. We know applying for a visa can be intimidating with endless rules, documentation and file work. GSOI has the confidence, expertise and knowledge to help you sort visa procedures and file your visa application. Your work will be done efficiently and quickly. We believe in providing hassle free services to our clients.  With our years of experience our clients leave with a satisfactory smile from our office.


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